Wide Area Search
Members of the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team have noticed that there seems to be an increased amount of larger natural disasters, but not an increased number of 'trained' search teams to assist with the search and recovery efforts. Wide Area Search can best be summarized as an area that was once urban/suburban that due to an event is now wilderness ( no structures, street signs, etc ) and is of an unknown size with an unknown number of missing subjects.

This may sound pretty vague but when a tornado devistates a community the amount of distruction can last for miles and it may cause there to be a few to hundreds of injured and/or trapped victims. MOVAL has noticed that in the St. Louis region there were no other teams that focused on this aspect of Search and Rescue so we decided to begin the process of making this resource for our community. This type of search will require not only aspects of Wilderness search ( navigation and map reading ) but will also require us to have working knowledge of Disaster and Technical rescue as well.

We are always looking to add new members to our Wide Area Search Team so if you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to click here and complete our volunteer application.
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