Volunteer Management
Once a search is started there will probably be hundreds of 'non trained' volunteers that will show up to assist. How do you organize and keep track of them? The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team has the knowledge and experience to help the agency in charge of the incident oranize the chaos that the influx of manpower usually brings. Almost all of the other teams in the region stay away from this service as it is very specialized and requires a large amount of staffing manpower to get it running smoothly. Fron oragnizing volunteer check ins to creating the staging area, Missouri Valley Search and Rescue is your resource for Vounteer Management. Our Volunteer Management team helps the Incident Commander keep accountablity of all of the volunteers coming and going so they know who is in the field searching...and those that have gone home for the day.

We are always looking to add new members to our Volunteer Management Team so if you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to click here and complete our volunteer application.
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