NASAR Classes and Exams
Several members of the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team are offer NASAR ( National Association of Search and Rescue ) classes and exams for anyone that is wishing to get a national recoginized certification for themselves.

Each of our classes and exams will require an 'exam fee' that will be paid to the team that are above and beyond the NASAR class/exam fees. These extra fees help us to continue to offer the classes and exams as there is normally a large amount of work that goes into setting up the event. No member of the team is paid for their serivces with these classes and exams.

NASAR Classes/Courses:
   We currently do not offer any 'official' NASAR classes but can help instruct/teach elements for both the ISAR and FUNSAR courses.

NASAR Exams:

If you are interested in a class or an exam plese feel free to complete our contact form and we will work to get you scheduled!
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