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The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team an ALL Volunteer Search and Rescue Team who is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help us further our mission. We have a variety of positions with the team including both IN and OUT of the field that we would greatly appreciate help with so we can provide even greater service while on a search. We are always looking for members that can help us not only in the field but with administrative duties as well so if you have a specalized skill or even limited mobility/disability that prevents you from entering the field, we have a spot for you.

Please note that if you would like to become a part of the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team we do require mimimum participation and trainings as well as certifications that you must earn to become a deployable person with the team. Since we are strictly a volunteer organization each of the members must provide their own gear, transportation, as well as any other expenses that may occur during trainings and deployable missions. All members must attend various trainings each month to be listed as an 'active' member with the team so dedication is appreciated. Becoming a Missouri Valley volunteer is a great way to see the action up close and help in times of need!

As the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team is based in the St. Louis, Missouri area we ask that ALL volunteers who sign up live within our normal deployment area, 100 mile radius from St. Louis, MO. This requirement is set to allow our members to be able to travel to and attend our meetings/trainings easily. Volunteers from outside this area may apply for membership but will be held to the same training requirements and participation as the other members! As a reminder, we assist in the searches for missing loved ones, young and old, both living and deceased, so you need to be mentally capable of the type of work that we perform.

We are always looking to add new members to our Team. If you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to CLICK HERE and complete our volunteer application.