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The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help us further our mission. We have a variety of positions with the team that we would greatly appreciate help with so we can provide even greater service while on a search. We are always looking for members that can help us not only in the field but with administrative duties as well.

Membership Application Form
The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team is always looking for new members to help us continue our mission of helping others in times of need. If you would like to become a part of our team you will first need to fill out the below form and submit it. After the form is submitted you will be contacted by a team representative and invited to join us at an upcoming training session where you can meet the other members of the team and continue your application process.

The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team does not determine member eligibility based on sex, race, creed, persuasion and or religion. Due to liability laws we requre that all applicants MUST be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old and have received no dishonorable discharges from military service and/or must not have been convicted of a felony. A Missouri State Highway Patrol background check will be performed prior to you becoming a full status member of the team are are paid by a portion of the application fees.

Exploring/Venturing Membership ( if team is created )

The Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team does not determine member eligibility based on sex, race, creed, persuasion and or religion. Due to liability laws we requre that all applicants MUST be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old to be allowed into the field to search. As per the rules set forth by the Boy Scouts of America members may be fourteen (14) years old and be a part of the Exploring/Venturing crew. These members shall fill out the volunteer application below as well as the membership form supplied by the B.S.A. Members under the age of 18 will be required to train with the team and will fill support roles with the team on actual call outs.

Applicants must be physically and mentally capable of performing the activities for which they are applying. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted with further information concerning the specific areas for which you are seeking membership.

Please provide the following Contact Information:
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Street Address: 
Address (cont.): 
Zip Code: 
Work Phone: 
Home Phone: 
Cell Phone: 
Postal Address (If different from physical address):
Postal Address: 
Zip Code: 
Please Identify and Describe Yourself:
Date of Birth: 
Sex:   Male   Female
Driver's Lic. No: 
Expires:  -- mm/dd/yy
Next of Kin / Emergency Contact:
Work Phone: 
Home Phone: 
Medial Information/History:
This information will remain HIGHLY confidential. This is only used in the event of an emergency.
How would you describe your current health? 
How would you describe your current physical condition? 
List any allergies or medications you are currently taking: 
Blood Type:           
Do you now, or have you had, any serious medical condition we should be aware of? 
Yes     No
Have you been hospitalized in the past year? 
Yes     No
Do you have any other medical or health condition which might adversely affect you in the field? 
Yes    No
If Yes, please select one of the following options that may apply: 
Physical    Visual
Are you Color Blind? 
Yes    No
SAR Experience and Training:
Check any areas in which you have had any Experience and or Training
4x4 Driving Operation
Flying (as a pilot)
Search and Rescue
Incident Command
Search Dogs
Interview Skills
Horseback Riding
Search Fundamentals
Land Navigation/Compass
Search Management
Cave Rescue
Law Enforcement
Map Reading
Swift Water Rescue
Public Information/Relations
Disaster Response
Rope Rescue, Basic
Other (please specify)
Rope Rescue, Hi-Angle
ATV Operations
Medical Training/Background:
Please identify your current medical certification level, training, or experience, if any. If you do not have any certification or it has expired type NONE in both the First Aid and CPR fields below.
BAA (Level 5)
AEA (Level 6)
MD, RN (Level 7>)

Please describe your experience in Medical Services: ( If none type NONE )

Your Call-Out Response Information:
Would you be able to respond to a call in the middle of the night? Most searches are requested at nightfall as local resources do not have training to search at night.
Yes     No
Does your family understand the conditions of this application and call-out possibilities? We respond to call outs to help those missing persons at any time...including holidays!
Yes     No
Do you understand that calls may come at various times of day or night, 7 days a week?
Yes     No
Do you understand that if at all possible you would be EXPECTED to respond to ALL callouts (except for family and work emergencies)? We are all vounteers and have lives and jobs to take care of but remember why we do this, to help those that are missing and injured!
Yes     No
Do you understand that, once accepted as a member, you will be expected to attend training and exercises on a regular basis?
Yes    No
Since we are an Emergency Response Team, do you have any other emergency response commitments that might create a conflict? ( Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Law Enforcement, CERT, etc )
Yes    No
If you would possibly have a conflict, please explain below:
I am interested in assisting with the following sections of the team:
You may select more than one but please note that some positions will require approval
Search & Rescue
This category will fit most members as it will cover, but not be limited to: Search Management Theory, Ground Search Operations, Ground Rescue Operations, Search & Rescue Training, Wide Area Search, Disaster Awareness, Technical Rescue Awareness

Command Center Operations ( Approval Required from Team Director )
This category is only for members who have prior Search and Rescue or other Emergency Management Experience and will cover , but not be limited to: Search Administration, Communications, Mapping, Incident Management, Volunteer Managment

K-9 Search & Rescue ( Approval Required from Team and K-9's Directors )
This category is only for members who have prior Search and Rescue experience or already a K-9 handler. This group will cover, but not be limited to: K-9 Search Management, K-9 Search Operations, K-9 Training

Search Support Services
This category is for those members who wish to help support the efforts of the Search and Rescue Team but do to time, or physical limitations which would keep them from actual searching in the field. Members of this group will not hold any leadership positions or be in a role of responsibility. This group will cover, but not be limited to the following type of support services: Logistical Services (transportation), Administrative Functions
Security Code: 

You must enter the code correctly in order for the application form to submit! ( No spaces )
I verify that the above information is correct and know that the Missouri Valley Search and Rescue Team may issue a background check to verify the above information that is being submitted for accuracy.

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